Utility Rates

Utility rates show the approved utility-rate proposal for the following utilities: steam, electric, chilled water, water, and sanitary. The listed budget is comprised of the following components:
  • Fuel and purchased electricity costs
  • Chemicals
  • Cost to distribute to buildings
  • Operations and administrative labor costs
  • Budgeted maintenance costs
  • Major repair/replacement costs
  • Debt service
  • Reduction in existing utility deficit
The base budget of the university covers/includes the utility costs for state-supported buildings. Each year, the projected energy and water consumption for the university is estimated, along with known expenses such as debt payments. The projected costs and projected consumption are combined into utility rates for each primary commodity. Once approved, the state utility budget is set aside, and billed monthly in a robust shadow billing system tracked in the EBS. Electric and steam rates are reset on an annual basis, but can be adjusted mid-year, if required.

Current Utility Rates

FY18 Utility Rates 

Archived Utility Rates

FY17 Utility Rates
FY16 Utility Rates 
FY15 Utility Rates 
FY14 Utility Rates 
FY13 Utility Rates